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NAON signs partnership with Faissner Petermeier Fahrzeugtechnik AG!

We are thrilled to announce that starting the new year of 2022, NAON has entered a strategic partnership with FPF AG. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, from concept development to in-house series production, they are the ideal partner for NAON. With their focus on two-wheelers, new mobility, micro mobility, and particularly on the development and integration of electric drives, the high level of vertical integration and their experience in the motorcycle industry, we have bundled all the necessary skills that we need to successfully undertake the development of our project!

The innovative strengths in the conception and brand building of the NAON founding team combined with the implementation experience of FPF AG guarantees us the greatest possible consistency in the implementation of our vision Prototype 01 into production.

Together we will reach the first milestone this year: A drivable and production-ready prototype that will look, drive and feel like the final production version.

We're looking forward to sharing our development and can't wait to show the final version to the media and the public. Upon completion of this development, we intend to open pre-order for an exclusive first edition so stay tuned for more info!


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