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NAON’s Art series will be making its debut, live at the 2023 Reload Land festival in Berlin. NAON is transforming Prototype 01 into a canvas, to collaborate with inspiring minds and create a series of visually stimulating art pieces.

The first edition in NAON’s Art Series is a self created piece with a focus on NAONs minimalist design and its perception in light and shadow. 


This piece features Prototype 01 painted completely in BLK3.0 “the worlds blackest black paint”. Developed by Artist Stuart Semple, it absorbs up to 99% of light. Details fade to darkness and NAONs striking silhouette is revealed, while only its transparent front screen allows fractions of light to pass through. 

The clean and concise design appears weightless as it floats in its geometric surroundings.  


If you are an artist and are interested to collaborate in future projects we would love to hear from you! 

You can contact us at

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