How do you define sustainability at NAON?

By ensuring each part of our scooter meets our high standards of quality, we can be certain that our scooter will continue to operate smoothly and without degradation for years to come. For example, our aluminium parts are anodised to protect against corrosion and the transparent windscreen is treated with a multi-resist coating to protect against abrasion and UV radiation. Not only does this increase the lifespan of individual components, but it ensures that they continue to operate at their maximum efficiency.

In which countries do you sell NAON scooters?

At the time of our market launch in 2023 we will start selling our products to customers all over Europe. Nevertheless, we are receiving strong demands from other countries and thus are doing our best to start shipping worldwide until the end of 2023.

How much do I need to pay for my NAON zero-one scooter?

We offer different versions and a flexible battery plan: L1e (45 km/h) Base price (without battery): 4.920 € L3e (100 km/h) Base price (without battery): 6,420 € Price per Battery: 1,000 € Battery as a Rental: 25 € / Month.

What are the technical specifications of the NAON zero-one?

Licence class L1e (45 km/h), L3e (100 km/h) Power (nominal) 7 kW Power (max.) 10 kW Torque 200 Nm Range 70 km (1 battery), 140 km (2 batteries) Seats 2 persons Storage Under seat storage for a jet helmet. Additional storage options will be available as accessories. eg: keys/phone holder, luggage rack, panniers etc. Battery capacity 2,4 kWh per Battery Charging time 1,5 h Wheel size 14” (front and rear) Brakes 220mm/180mm ABS disk brakes

What is Battery as a Service (BaaS) ?

Our battery subscription offer allows maximum flexibility and sets an end to battery life anxiety. To contribute to resource-saving usage of valuable resources, our customers will have the option to choose a battery rental plan with their NAON scooter, which allows them to use automotive quality batteries. Only a battery as a service approach will allow us to establish a circular economy approach and to guarantee a sufficient battery health of our products.

How is NAON trying to reduce ressources?

The scooters main components will be constructed from two key materials; Aluminium and recycled PET Plastic. PET is both lightweight and flexible, making it an excellent choice for non structural components of the scooter. Aluminium is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. On a percentage basis, it is the most recycled of any industrial metal. We use Laser cut and pressed Aluminium to construct the main frame of the scooter as well as components from CNC’d aluminium. Where possible we use already recycled materials, or material that can easily be separated and recycled at the end of life. We are also exploring other opportunities for recycled and ecological materials including handlebar and footrest grips containing recycled tyres, as well as organic faux leather seat trim made from Cactus skin.

How is NAON helping to reduce waste?

Utilising functional components as key styling elements, we are able to simplify our product and apply more focus on refining every detail. This way we can reduce the overall weight of the scooter as well as the number of components used. We format our laser cut components for manufacture in such a way that the minimal amount of material is wasted. Smaller components are then made from offcuts of the larger components. This technique is called “ nesting” and reduces both manufacturing costs, as well as material waste. The remaining material is then ground and recycled for further use in industry.

How can I become a NAON dealer?

Just write us at mail@naon.de. We choose our partners carefully, thus we kindly ask you to add some information about your business locations, size and the brands you have on display.

How can I become a NAON import partner?

Just write us at mail@naon.de. We choose our partners carefully, thus we kindly ask you to add some information about your business locations, size and the brands you are working with.

Can you charger the scooter at a 120V system?

If we offer our products in your country, our chargers will perfectly adapt to your local 120V system, since we will work with experienced suppliers and existing chargers from the market.

How many persons can sit on the NAON zero-one scooter?

The seat is design for the comfort of two passengers. When we release our first driving videos, you will get an idea of the space we have on the NAON zero-one.

The rear passenger can simply use the footrest of the driver, since they stretch out to the very rear and thus keep the feet in position and away from the wheels.

For our serial edition, we will offer a fender sufficient enough to protect the person in the rear.

How can I access photos and videos for my media channel?

For press and communication we offer footage material and deeper information in our press portal. Please contact us via mail@naon.com to receive the link and the password.